Company Profile

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Corporate Slogan


At SMFG, we are united under the slogan of "LEAD THE VALUE"to show our commitment to our customers,shareholders,markets and society.

This slogan expresses our determination to be an organization that is continuously enhanced its quality and combined strength as a Group through our individual efforts as professionals to further develop our three core strengths, thereby enabling us to provide customers with quality products and services, and that provides leadership for our customers' success and prosperity.

Corporate Statement

What we aim to be is a group of highly qualified professionals that can provide truly valuable financial services to our customers. Each of us think and act with pride as experts in each business area in order to LEAD the competition in creating and delivering customer VALUE in a continually changing business environment. What support such activity are our three core strengths. "Spirit of Innovation": We LEAD the market by providing innovative, globally competitive services meeting customer needs. "Speed": We LEAD the pace by providing our customers with desirable services in a timely manner with speed and determination. "Solution & Execution": We LEAD the business by using all the knowledge and experiences of our group to solve the issues of our customers, whether individuals or corporates, identified through the deep understanding of their needs and situations. We create new VALUE by forming teams of specialists in various fields and provide optimal services to our customers through two-way communication.  And as a result, we will be selected as a truly-trusted partner. These are our commitments.

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