Director President and Group CEO (Representative Executive Officer) Jun Ohta

I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation for your support and patronage.

In April 2017, SMBC Group embarked on the Medium-Term Management Plan that was titled “SMBC Group Next Stage”. The previous fiscal year, which was the final year of this plan, experienced a series of risk events, including the U.S.-China trade conflict and the spread of the novel coronavirus. Despite such uncertainties in the business environment, we were able to conclude the three-year Medium-Term Management Plan on a strong note.

Looking ahead, the business environment surrounding financial institutions is expected to become more challenging. Low growth in the domestic market, increased competition across financial and non-financial industries, and growing risks in the global economy are only a few of the challenges that we face.In spite of this, SMBC Group will continue to transform itself to adopt to changes in society and economy. We aspire to remain competitive despite the challenges. We will continue to pursue steady growth of our business by providing high value-added solutions to our clients.

These are the thoughts behind our new Medium-Term Management Plan, which begins this fiscal year. We embark on the new chapter in our history to pursue our Group’s new mid- to long-term Vision: “A trusted global solution provider committed to the growth of our customers and advancement of society.” The new plan has three basic policies: "Transformation" "Growth" and "Quality". Accordingly, we will promote the transformation of our business model and structural cost reform, and implement our growth strategy while continuously reinforcing our business infrastructure.

I myself will lead such transformation of SMBC Group while we strive to be a financial group that is trusted by all our stakeholders and contribute to a sustainable society.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the years to come.


Director President and Group CEO
(Representative Executive Officer)   
Jun Ohta

Director President (Representative Executive Officer)  and Group CEO