CEO Message


Director President(Representative Executive Officer), Takeshi Kunibe
Director President (Representative Executive Officer)
and Group CEO
Takeshi Kunibe

We extend our sincerest appreciation to our stakeholders for their continued support and patronage.

Last April, SMBC Group launched the Medium-term Management Plan under a new Group-wide operational structure. “Focus on our strengths,” “disciplined business management,” and “integration across the Group” were established as the Medium-term Management Plan’s three core policies with the aim of propelling SMBC Group to the next stage of growth as a global financial group

One-year has passed since the Medium-term Management Plan was introduced, and we are focusing the efforts of the entire SMBC Group on the implementation of the plan’s various initiatives, which will enable us to provide customers with even higher quality financial products and services. In addition, we designated “SMBC” as our corporate group’s master brand to enhance the quality of our services by further accelerating such efforts.

When we look at the business environment in which financial institutions operate, we can see dynamic changes such as the decreasing and aging population, and the digitalization of society, and we can also see the diversification of our customers’ needs. Given these circumstances, it is imperative that we engage in ongoing efforts to reform our business model so that our products and services continue to satisfy our customers’ requirements. While our business model may change, there can be no change in our core corporate value: “Customer First.” With this in mind, SMBC Group established the Basic Policy for Customer-Orientated Business Conduct last June. Under the policy, we will devote our utmost efforts to ensure that a customer-oriented mindset is present in all corners of our business.

Furthermore, there is a growing momentum in which members of international society are working together to resolve social issues, such as ending poverty and addressing climate change, under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. Given the very public role that financial institutions have been entrusted with as financial intermediaries, engaging in initiatives which address social issues is becoming ever more important. We at SMBC Group are firmly committed to fulfilling such responsibilities as a global financial group by positioning ESG and SDGs as the cornerstones of our business.

We hope to be able to receive the continued support and understanding of all our stakeholders.