Director President and Group CEO (Representative Executive Officer) Jun Ohta

I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to you for your support and patronage.

My name is Jun Ohta, the newly appointed President and Group CEO of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group. As Group CEO, I will do my utmost to further advance the Group.

In April 2017, SMBC Group embarked on the Medium-Term Management Plan, “SMBC Group Next Stage”, under the new group-based management system. We have now entered the final year of the three-year plan.

In the first two years, we made good progress in transforming our business and asset portfolios with disciplined business management and generated stable bottom line profit. As a result, we expect to achieve our Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio target one year ahead of schedule, making strides towards securing financial soundness in light of tightening international financial regulations.

I am proud of the good progress we have made on the Medium-Term Management Plan so far. However, as the current business environment is unstable, we will need to continue working together as a Group with great urgency in this final year of the three-year plan.

Looking at the business environment surrounding financial institutions, we see that the evolution of technology has led to the introduction of many innovative services, accelerated entry of new players and intensified competition. In addition, given the public role that we have been entrusted with as financial intermediaries, expectations for SMBC Group are growing day by day to execute customer-oriented business operations, to contribute to solving social issues such as the SDGs, and to respond to threats such as money laundering and cyber terrorism.

Despite these challenges, the most important mission for me as the Group CEO will be to provide more added value for our customers and achieve sustainable growth for the Group. SMBC Group has overcome numerous challenges in the past by expanding our business domain and regional coverage while raising the quality of our corporate infrastructure to transform ourselves in line with the changing times.

Going forward, we will boldly take on forward thinking approaches that are one step ahead of the times to remain a financial group trusted by our stakeholders.

We look forward to your continued support and understanding.


Director President and Group CEO
(Representative Executive Officer)   
Jun Ohta

Director President (Representative Executive Officer)  and Group CEO