Medium-Term Management Plan

Plan for Fulfilled Growth

SMBC Group’s vision

A trusted global solution provider committed to
the growth of our customers and advancement of society

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Core Policies

Growth with Quality

・Create social value Contribute to “Fulfilled Growth” ・Pursue economic value Transformation&Growth ・Rebuild corporate infrastructure Quality builds Trust

1Create Social Value: Contribute to “Fulfilled Growth”

In recent years, the global community has prioritized economic activities which in turn has led to the matter of social value being overlooked. This in turn has led to the rise of social issues concerning the environment, human rights, poverty/inequality, etc., and initiatives aimed at resolving such issues have become a key issue for corporate management. Creating social value has now become a prerequisite for corporations to build and maintain their competitiveness. In addition, contributing to Japan’s regrowth, given the country’s declining /aging population and low economic growth, will become even more important.

With the launch of the new Medium-term Management Plan, SMBC Group revised our priority issues, i.e., our “Materiality,” to “Environment,” “DE&I/Human Rights,” “Poverty & Inequality,” “Declining Birthrate & Aging Population,” and “Japan’s Regrowth.” With the aim of addressing these priority issues, we will further expand Group-based activities to create social value and to return the said value to society. Through such efforts, in addition to the generation of economic growth, SMBC Group will contribute to the realization of “Fulfilled Growth” where all of society and people can enjoy sustained prosperity.

SMBC Group shall further encourage the participation of its employees in the creation of social value so that they may feel pride and satisfaction in their responsibilities by proactively engaging in our priority issues.

Era of “Fulfilled Growth” An era where people feel fulfilled as economic growth accompanies the resolution of social issues

SMBC Group’s Approach to New Priority Issues & “10 Goals”

Priority Issues
10 Goals
  • In addition to internal initiatives, we will support client efforts to decarbonize and to become nature positive as a global financial institution that provides the life blood of the economy with the goal of realizing a green world.
  1. 1 Support transition to achieve a decarbonized society
  2. 2 Contribute to the conservation and the restoration of natural capital
DE&I / Human Rights
  • Talent is an important asset for financial institutions. We will strive to build a virtuous circle in which diligent and highly-motivated employees take on the challenge of creating new social value.
  • We will promote initiatives, both internal and by customers. to respect human rights as a hub connecting various regions and industries.
  1. 3 Realize a workplace where employees enjoy high job satisfaction
  2. 4 Respect for human rights throughout the supply chain
Poverty & Inequality
  • We will work to eliminate poverty and inequality in the next generation, which includes providing children in Japan and the rest of the world with education and opportunities.
  1. 5 Break the cycle of poverty and inequality for the next generation
  2. 6 Contribute to financial inclusion in developing countries
Declining Birthrate & Aging Population
  • Through the provision of advanced financial and non-financial solutions, and the creation of digital infrastructure that is accessible to all, we will ensure stable asset building for all generations.
  1. 7 Relieve anxiety about the 100-year life era
  2. 8 Build user-friendly infrastructure to support a society with a declining population
Japan's Regrowth
  • We will contribute to the re-growth of Japan by maximizing our financial functions, supporting clients reform their business models, and driving the development of new industries in a manner that reflect the changing times.
  1. 9 Support customers' business model transformation
  2. 10 Create innovation and foster new industries

2Pursue Economic Value: Transformation & Growth

  Point Seven key strategic areas
TransformationContinuous reform of business model GrowthEstablish franchise in key strategic areas
  1. Reform domestic business for possible interest rate hike
  2. Improve capital efficiency with B/S discipline
  3. Build global portfolio based on growth potential
  1. 1 Build digital-based retail business
  2. 2 Strengthen payment business
  3. 3 Enhance wholesale business utilizing digital technology
  4. 4 Expand institutional investor business
  5. 5 Strengthen global CIB and S&T
  6. 6 Deepen and expand U.S. business
  7. 7 Realize growth through our Multi-Franchise Strategy

3Rebuild Corporate Infrastructure: Quality builds Trust

  1. Improve the quality of governance and compliance
  2. Sophisticate human capital management
  3. Reinforce IT infrastructures
  4. Improve risk analysis and risk control capabilities

Financial Targets

SMBC Group established targets, while pursuing a bottom-line profit in excess of JPY 1 trillion in the next Medium-Term Management Plan.

FY3/26 target

  • ROCET1
  • Base expenses
    < FY3/23
  • CET1ratio

Capital Policy

Progressive dividends
+ flexible share buybacks

Shareholder returns


  • Progressive dividend policy with 40% payout ratio
  • Increase DPS by bottom-line profit growth

Share buyback

  • Implement flexibly

CET1 ratio target: c.10%

Financial soundness
  • Remains unchanged without changes in regulations and environment

Transform business model
and invest in growth areas

Investment for growth


  • Reduce unprofitable assets to invest in areas with growth potential


  • Consider if there are good opportunities
  • Divest unprofitable assets/businesses
Growth with Quality   ROCET1 target: ≥ 9.5%