Disclosure Policy

One of our missions is to create sustainable shareholder value through business growth, and we adopt a corporate governance system that puts shareholder value at the center of our management goals. We believe enhancement of shareholder value cannot be achieved without appropriate disclosure of corporate and financial information.

We believe it is indispensable to obtain feedbacks from our communication with the market through disclosure activities in order to further promote the sound management of SMFG group, and we will further endeavor to obtain and utilize such feedbacks. Through these disclosure activities, we pledge to meet the expectations of our clients, shareholders, investors and other stakeholders, and raise shareholders' value by gaining positive valuations from the market.

On the basis of these basic ideas above, we have a Disclosure Policy as follows:

  1. 1.Disclosure of Material Corporate Information
  2. We will endeavor to disclose material corporate information (* to our customers, shareholders and investors in a timely and proper manner, observing the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, other related laws and ordinances, and rules of the stock exchanges on which our stock is listed.
  3. 2.Voluntary Disclosure
  4. We will endeavor to voluntarily disclose our financial conditions, management policies, business strategies and other information, in addition to the material corporate information, so that our customers, shareholders and investors may understand our business status accurately.
  5. 3.Fair Disclosure
  6. We will endeavor to disclose our corporate information in a fair manner, being careful not to selectively disclose material nonpublic information to specific persons.
  7. 4.System for Disclosure
  8. We will endeavor to develop and enhance our internal system to achieve proper and fair disclosure.
  • *Material corporate information is here defined as material decisions made by or material facts that occurred at SMFG or its subsidiaries that are required to be disclosed under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, the rules of stock exchanges on which our stock is listed, Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and other related laws and ordinances.

Moreover, we have a Disclosure Committee in order to embody the spirit of the disclosure policy.

Based on the system described above, we will further improve the contents of our annual reports and other publications and press releases, and provide quick and easy access to our corporate and financial information by actively using our website and other internet-related media. To ensure the disclosure policy, we will further develop out disclosure and IR systems of the group.