CSR at SMBC Group


Contributing to the Sustainable Development of Society

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Our society is confronting numerous and wide-ranging issues, including global warming, human rights, and low birthrates and aging populations in developed countries. As a global financial group, at SMBC Group we regard it as our social responsibility to remind ourselves of our role and play our part in addressing such issues.

Basic CSR Policies

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SMBC Group has a CSR definition and CSR “business ethics” to make the position of CSR clear and promote CSR effectively.

SMBC Group’s Definition of CSR

In the conduct of its business activities, SMBC Group fulfills its social responsibilities by contributing to the sustainable development of society as a whole through offering higher added value to customers; shareholders and the market; the environment and society; and employees.

SMBC Group’s Group-wide CSR Philosophy: “Business ethics”

1. Satisfactory Customer Services
We intend to be a financial services group that has the complete trust and support of our customers.
For this purpose, we will always provide services that meet the true needs of our customers to assure their satisfaction and earn confidence in the Group.
2. Sound Management
We intend to be a financial services group that maintains fair, transparent, and sound management based on the principle of self-responsibility.
For this purpose, along with earning the firm confidence of our shareholders, our customers, and the general public, we take a long-term view of our business and operate it efficiently, and actively disclose accurate business information about the Group. Through these activities, we work to maintain continued growth based on a sound financial position.
3. Contributing to Social Development
We intend to be a financial services group that contributes to the healthy development of society.
For this purpose, we recognize the importance of our mission to serve as a crucial part of the public infrastructure and also our social responsibilities. With such recognition, we undertake business operations that contribute to the steady development of Japan and the rest of the world, and endeavor, as a good corporate citizen, to make a positive contribution to society.
4. Proactive and Innovative Corporate Culture
We intend to be a financial services group for which all officers and employees work with pride and commitment.
For this purpose, we respect people and develop employees with extensive professional knowledge and capabilities, thereby creating a proactive and innovative corporation culture.
5. Compliance
We intend to be a financial services group that always keeps in mind the importance of compliance.
For this purpose, we reflect our awareness of Business Ethics in our business activities at all times. In addition, we respond promptly to directives from auditors and inspectors. Through these actions, we observe all laws and regulations, and uphold moral standards in our business practices

Integral Development of CSR and Business Activities (SMBC Group)

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The SMBC Group believes that CSR is the foundation for SMBC Group’s business strategies which should be integrally incorporated with business strategies for achieving the management policies and goals. In another words, it is the concept that we consistently verify and confirm according to the basic policy of CSR whether the direction of our business strategies promoted by our Group corresponds with our vision of “To be a global financial group that leads growth in Japan and Asia by earning the highest trust of our customers,”, and then, we reflect the needs of clients and society in our CSR activities.
We believe that fulfillment of our CSR lies at the very core of our management task, and seriously committing to the implementation of CSR would be the shortest and quickest way to achieve our management policies and goals.