CSR Management


CSR Promotion Structure and the PDCA Cycle

SMBC group

We have established the Corporate Sustainability Committee, chaired by the SMFG Group CEO and administered by the Corporate Sustainability Department, to assess the CSR implementation plans of the whole Group, and manage progress.
Specifically, departments are assigned responsibility for each target, and the Corporate Sustainability Department and assigned departments jointly conduct annual reviews of progress made in these initiatives. The results of these reviews are reported to the Corporate Sustainability Committee.
In addition to next fiscal year plans, individual themes such as plans for ESG and SDGs, approaches to climate change are also discussed in the committee, considered by Corporate Sustainability Department and relevant departments.
To further strengthen promotion of CSR activities across the Group, SMFG established the Corporate Sustainability Meeting in fiscal 2010. This Committee regularly engages in discussion and consultation to encourage Group-wide implementation of policies and successful initiatives of individual Group companies.

For details regarding information on the Group’s CSR goals and performance, please refer to the following link.

CSR Activity Performance and Goals of SMBC Group

SMBC sustainability promotion structure

SMBC Group CSR promotion structure

Corporate Sustainability Committee

The Corporate Sustainability Committee, chaired by the SMFG Group CEO, conducts consultations, etc. on CSR-related matters affecting the whole Group.In fiscal 2017, the committee was held on March 15, 2018, anddiscussed the SDGs that should be tackled as a Group and how to address ESG going forward.

Corporate Sustainability Meeting

The Corporate Sustainability Meeting, administered by the Corporate Sustainability Department of SMFG, exchanges information regarding progress in CSR promotion at individual Group companies, and closely studies particularly progressive measures. The committee met seven times in fiscal 2017.

Dialogue with stakeholders

CSR Training Tailored to Employee Grades


SMBC organizes training courses tailored to employee grade, including new hires and newly appointed management employees. When such training is given, CSR is included to ensure full employee familiarization. In fiscal 2017, a total of 1,950 employees took part in these training programs.
In addition, training and other support are also given under the full range of CSR themes, including human rights, putting the customer first, compliance, anti-money laundering, and diversity.

´╝łTraining recipients´╝ë

Fiscal year Training for new hires Training for newly appointed management employees Training for newly appointed branch managers Training for mid-career hires on joining SMBC Total
2013 1,151 349 170 6 1,676
2014 1,343 424 238 38 2,043
2015 1,837 529 154 22 2,542
2016 1,921 389 135 105 2,550
2017 1,330 380 139 101 1,950