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Management Approach

Recognition of Social Issues

Since the Paris Agreement, an international accord aimed at restricting climate change, came into force in 2016, the world has responded by accelerating moves to transition to a low-carbon or carbon-free society. Moreover, the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) established by the Financial Stability Board also address long-term environmental issues such as climate change, energy and biodiversity, requiring companies to raise their contribution through their businesses. In the financial services field, environmental risk assessments must be conducted on financing and investment targets, and emphasis is placed on funding for projects capable of resolving environment issues on a global scale and environmental education for the employees that promote these assessments.

The Group Environmental Policy

Basic concepts

Recognizing the importance of realizing a sustainable society, SMBC Group is continuously making efforts to harmonize environmental preservation and pollution control with corporate activities, in order to support the economy and contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

The Group Environmental Policy

  1. 1.We provide environment-friendly financial products, information and solutions which support our clients in their efforts to preserve the eco-system.
  2. 2.We devise means to reduce environmental risks posed by our own activities and the society.
  3. 3.We are determined to fulfill our social responsibilities through the conservation of resources and energy, and the reduction of waste.
  4. 4.We strictly comply with environment-related laws and regulations.
  5. 5.We practice the highest level of information disclosure related to the Group's environmental activities and consistently improve our efforts to contribute to environmental preservation by communicating with our staff as well as the third parties.
  6. 6.We place high priority on thoroughly educating our staff about our environmental principles to ensure that they conform to these principles in the performance of their work.
  7. 7.We actively and effectively implement "environmental management," and make continuous efforts to improve our system to deal with environmental issues by setting goals and targets for every fiscal year and reviewing them as deemed necessary.
  8. 8.These policies are disclosed on the Group's website, and the printed version is available upon request

SMBC Group's Approach

Having recognition of social issues, in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, SMBC group has set forth a long-term vision toward 2050 that we as a global financial group will promote financial services consistent with the country's goals to counter global warming, and contribute to global environmental protection by leveraging its financial functions.

The Group Environmental Policy

SMBC Group's Management

  •  The SMBC Group regards three pillar points as the environment for consideration: "Environmental Business" "Environmental risk" and "Reduction of Environmental Impacts". Every year, effect sets environment targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving resources, and promotes global warming countermeasures in accordance with the PDCA cycle.
  •  Main Indicator:Projects for renewable energy: 49 (FY2018)
    Cumulative number of "assessment loan" for corporation customers and amount: Approximately 970 cases, exceeding 2.2 trillion yen (As of the end of September 2019)

Environmental Management System (EMS)

The SMBC Group has developed an original structure for promoting Environmental Management System (EMS) that meets the requirements of ISO14001* adoption across the Group led by the Corporate Planning Department, including environmental officer(i.e. the director responsible for the Corporate Planning Department).
Our EMS is operated in SMFG and its major companies (SMBC, Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing(including SMFL Rental), SMBC Nikko Securities, Sumitomo Mitsui Card, SMBC Finance Service, SMBC Consumer Finance and The Japan Research Institute).
*In 1998, SMBC was the first bank in Japan to obtain the environmental management certification of ISO14001. Since then, it has been expanded to the group companies and continued to be operated, and the certification has been maintained through an examination by an external organization. Although certification has been withdrawn, we have continued our own EMS that meets the requirements of ISO14001 and continue to promote environmental efforts.
All SMBC Group companies are also engaged in environmental education. SMBC conducts an EMS test every year aimed at employees trying to raise the environmental awareness of individuals. In addition, newsletters and reports compiled by the Environment Analysis Department are distributed to increase employee awareness of environmental risks along with sharing information on the latest trends on global environment and noteworthy environment risks. Other activities being undertaken for the permeation of environmental and social risk assessment processes within the company include implementation of a variety of internal training programs, such as group training at overseas bases and online courses.
SMBC Finance Service promotes environmental education to help ensure that all employees understand the importance of engaging in environmental activities and do so voluntarily as a part of their day-to-day work. SMBC Finance Service's environmental education has two pillars: awareness education, which provides all employees with basic environmental knowledge, and specialized education, which is for departmental staff in charge of promoting environmental matters and involves training personnel to lead environmental management activities through the acquisition of specialized knowledge related to environmental management systems. In addition, all employees receive monthly newsletters on environmental activities and other related topics to further enhance their environmental awareness.

Environmental Compliance

There were no bleaches during Fiscal 2018.

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