SMBC Group Green Bond


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) Group is a major issuer of green bonds both domestically and in international markets. SMBC Group strives to further contribute to the sustainability and improvement of the global environment through green bonds issuance.

SMBC Group applies the net proceeds of green bonds to finance qualifying renewable energy generation and energy efficiency projects.

SMBC Group has a strong track record in providing project finance for renewal energy (solar energy, wind energy, etc.) both domestically and internationally.

Track Record of Green Bond Issues

In October 2015, SMBC, SMBC Group's main operating bank, issued USD denominated green bonds. It was the first green bond issuance among Japanese private financial institutions. Since then, SMBC Group regularly issues green bonds; as of March 2020, the outstanding amount of the five issuances stands at EUR 1.7billion equivalent.

Green Bonds Issued by SMBC Group

Green Bond Framework

The green bonds were issued and managed by SMBC Group in a accordance with its green bond framework pursuant to "Green Bond Principles" established by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) and "Green Bond Guideline" published by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

Framework Opinion
SMBC Group Green Bond Framework SMBC Group Green Bond

Annual Reporting

As of Mar.2020

Notes External
2.450% due2020
KPMG Assuarance Report SMFG

Annual Report
0.934% due2024
Sustianalytics Review
SMFG 2017
SMBC USD227.8mn
3.370% due2023

SMBC AUD83.2mn
2.900% due2023
Sustianalytics Review
SMBC 2018
0.465% due2024
Sustianalytics Review
SMFG 2019

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