SMBC FY2001 (Financial Information)

Financial Highlights for FY 2001

  1. 1.Financial Result (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:14KB)
  2. 2.Banking Profit per Employee / Overhead Ratio (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:7KB)
  3. 3.Interest Spread (Domestic) (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:7KB)
  4. 4.Gains (Losses) on Securities (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:7KB)
  5. 5.Unrealized Gains (Losses) on Securities (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:10KB)
  6. 6.(Hedging purpose) Derivative Transactions (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:5KB)
  7. 7.Employee Retirement Benefit (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:8KB)
  8. 8.Capital Ratio (BIS Guidelines) (Consolidated) (PDF:5KB)
  9. 9.ROE (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:5KB)
  10. 10.Classification under Self-Assessment, Disclosure of Problem Assets and Write-offs/Reserve (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:15KB)
  11. 11.Risk-Monitored Loans (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:5KB)
  12. 12.Reserve for Possible Loan Losses (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:5KB)
  13. 13.Reserve Ratio to Risk-Monitored Loans (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:5KB)
  14. 14.Problem Assets Based on Financial Reconstruction Law (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:7KB)
  15. 15.Loan Portfolio, Classified by Industry (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:9KB)
  16. 16.Overseas Loans (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:12KB)
  17. 17.Information on Deposits and Loans (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:8KB)
  18. 18.Number of Directors and Employees (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:5KB)
  19. 19.Number of Offices (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:5KB)
  20. 20.Projections for FY2002 Earnings (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:4KB)