Sumitomo Bank FY1999 (Financial Information)

Summary for Fiscal Year 1999, ended March 31

  1. 1.Financial Result (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:13KB)
  2. 2.Core Banking Profit (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:6KB)
  3. 3.Interest Spread (Domestic Operations) (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:7KB)
  4. 4.Gains and Losses on Securities (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:6KB)
  5. 5.Capital Ratio (BIS Guidelines) (Consolidated) (PDF:6KB)
  6. 6.ROE (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:6KB)
  7. 7.Rationalization Measures (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:15KB)

Overview of Problem Assets

  1. 1.Classification of Customers, Disclosure of Problem Assets, and Reserve Policy (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:69KB)
  2. 2.Risk—monitored Loans (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:44KB)
  3. 3.Reserve for Problem Loans (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:41KB)
  4. 4.Reserve Ratio for Risk-monitored Loans (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:35KB)
  5. 5.Problem Assets based on Revitalization Law Standard (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:41KB)
  6. 6.Coverage of Problem Assets based on Revitalization Law Standard (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:51KB)
  7. 7.Loan Portfolio, Classified by Industry (PDF:104KB)
    1. 1.Classification by Industry (Nonconsolidated)
    2. 2.Revitalization Law Standard Loans, Classified by Industry (Nonconsolidated)
    3. 3.Consumer Loans Outstanding (Nonconsolidated)
    4. 4.Ratio of Loans to Small and Medium-sized Companies (Nonconsolidated)
  8. 8.Overseas Exposure and Reserves (PDF:68KB)
    1. 1.Revitalization Law Standard Loans, Classified by Domicile (Nonconsolidated)
    2. 2.Transfer Risk Basis Overseas Exposure and Reserves (Nonconsolidated)
  9. 9.Deposits and Loans Outstanding (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:44KB)
  10. 10.Deposits Outstanding, Classified by Depositor (Nonconsolidated) (PDF:43KB)

Projections for FY2000 Earnings (Nonconsolidated/Consolidated) (PDF:46KB)