Shareholder Return and
Dividend Information

Enhancing Shareholder Returns

Dividends will be our principal approach to shareholder returns.

In addition, we will proceed with share buybacks on a flexible basis assuming our financial soundness is maintained.

Specifically, we aim to pay progressive dividends supported by our sustainable earnings growth, and achieve a payout ratio of 40% during the period of the next Medium-Term Management Plan.

Also, we will execute share buybacks as and when appropriate taking into account the factors such as our capital position, earnings trends, stock price, growth investment opportunities and an improvement of capital efficiency

Dividend Information

Dividends per Share (Yen)(Common stock) 190 *1
Per Share (Yen): Net income 374.26
Per Share (Yen): Net assets 8,629.73
Consolidated payout ratio (%)(common stock) 50.8
  • *1 Of which, 95 yen was paid as interim dividends

Historical Per Share Data

FY3/17 FY3/18 FY3/19 FY3/20
Dividends per Share (Yen)(Common stock) 150 170 180 190
Per Share (Yen): Net income 516.00 520.67 519.95 511.87
1Per Share (Yen): Net assets 6,901.67 7,366.21 7,715.91 7,827.50
Consolidated payout ratio (%)(common stock) 29.9 32.7 34.6 37.0

Dividends per share

This is a graph which shows our dividends. The estimate for FY2020 is JPY200 per share. The payout ratio is expected to be 46.%.
  • *1 Consolidated payout ratio
  • *2 Calculated based on fiscal 2021 consolidated net income forecast (¥600 billion) and dividend forecast (¥200 per share) and on the total number of issued shares on March 31, 2021