Shareholder Return and
Dividend Information

Enhancing Shareholder Returns

Dividends will be our principal approach for shareholder returns. In addition, we will proceed with share buybacks on a flexible basis.

We aim to maintain our progressive dividend policy and dividend payout ratio of 40% while increasing our dividend payouts by increasing bottom line profit.

Also, we will execute share buybacks taking into account the factors such as our capital position, earnings trends, stock price, growth investment opportunities and an improvement of capital efficiency.

Dividend Information

Dividends per Share (Yen)(Common stock) 240 *1
Per Share (Yen): Net income 590.46
Per Share (Yen): Net assets 9,430.52
Consolidated payout ratio (%)(common stock) 40.4
  • *1 Of which, 115 yen was paid as interim dividends

Historical Per Share Data

FY3/19 FY3/20 FY3/21 FY3/22
Dividends per Share (Yen)(Common stock) 180 190 190 210
Per Share (Yen): Net income 519.95 511.87 374.26 515.51
Per Share (Yen): Net assets 7,715.91 7,827.50 8,629.73 8,825.53
Consolidated payout ratio (%)(common stock) 34.6 37.0 50.8 40.7

Dividends per share

  • *1 Consolidated payout ratio
  • *2 Calculated based on fiscal 2023 consolidated net income forecast (¥820 billion) and dividend forecast (¥250 per share) and on the total number of issued shares on March 31, 2023