Social Contribution

Social Contribution Policy

SMBC Group has established the Social Contribution Policy to realize our Mission “We contribute to a sustainable society by addressing environmental and social issues”.

  • Based on the “SMBC Group Statement on Sustainability”, SMBC Group commits to its role as a good corporate citizen working for and with the society.
  • SMBC Group regards its social contribution activities as voluntary contributions to solve social issues by taking advantage of its financial foundation, brand value, domestic and international networks and its diverse and highly professional employees, which were all been cultivated for more than 400 years.
    SMBC Group defines social contribution as “voluntarily contributing to the resolution of social issues by making use of our managerial resources expecting nothing in return.”
  • SMBC Group supports our diligent and highly-motivated employees to engage in social contribution activities, regarding them as opportunities for personal development.
  • SMBC Group will actively disclose its stance and efforts regarding social contribution and work on promptly identifying and resolving social issues by engaging with stakeholders.

SMBC Group Social Contribution Activities

SMBC Group will work to solve social issues, especially based on our priority issues (materiality).