SMBC Group
drives social value
digital innovation

Digital innovation is at the heart of SMBC Group’s business strategies. From enhancing customer convenience, improving our productivity and upgrading infrastructure, to creating new business opportunities, we innovate solutions that answer to the evolving needs of the people around us.
Through active engagement with partners and the establishment of our innovation centers across the world, we aim to employ digital technology in meaningful ways to make sustainability a reality.


Unexpected Commonalities between US Market Challengers: Dassai’s Asahi Shuzo and SMBC Group

  1. A New Dassai Brewery in New York for Local Production
  2. Launching a Digital Retail Bank for Retail Customers America-Wide
  3. Banks Too Can’t Survive Maintaining the Status Quo
  4. Combining Data, Machinery, and Manpower Realizes Major Growth
  5. Multiple Non-Financial Digital Subsidiaries Emerge Within the SMBC Group
  6. Pride and Ingenuity as the Source of Dassai’s Added Value
  7. Corporate Growth Comes from Solving Society’s Problems